Merit Electrical Apprenticeship Program is a four year based program. Our program offers four years of classroom based curriculum and the experience of hands on, on-the-job training. Once the apprentice completes the program, they are given the opportunity to test and receive their electrical journeyman license.


A primary goal of Merit is to maintain qualified and trained craft workers. Merit provides craft training through a standardized training program using the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Contren Learning Series. This program provides employees with hands on training that increases their knowledge base and skill set. In turn, this makes our workforce more productive and efficient. The program also provides Merit the ability to assess the knowledge and skill level of our employees by Assessment Certification testing and use the results to target specific training needs.


The Merit mentoring program builds one-on-one relationships between employees for the opportunities to build new skills, create a better work environment, enhance technical and managerial performance, and leverage the knowledge and experience of all Merit employees. The mentoring program is aligned with company policies and procedures and is used as a guideline to help new employees become better leaders and electricians.

Merit Electrical Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please submit resumes or job inquiries to